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Joe Andrews

#1 The best role of a BOE candidate is to utilize there skills & resources to elevate & build a open & honest relationship with the Superintendent. You should work together as a team wheather to agree or disagree. Be willing to compromise or some but stand firm or morals & values that best serve the children the families & the Community. Being able to network in other places creates new ideas to look at that may help serve our community.

#2 My ideas to engage the parents are to get there feedback on issues concerning the children as well as other things of there interest. Then ask them would they be willing to participate in a survey outreach or ask them what are the interest of the children because most of the time parents will get involved if what is going on involves their children.

#3 The one question I would ask a returning student would be What do they think about the things thst that have happened during these times and if they had a chance to change something or to do something what would it be. The reason I would ask that question because our children has a voice and ideas that need to be heard. There opinions matter.

#4 I believe that with the contract issue should be something done every 3 years. Now what I believe too is that the language is clear & understood moving fwd and these type of things should never be upheld. Yet having strong leadership in place and holding individuals accountable will prevent these problems. Working as a team and building better relationships between the BOE & Teachers should not need a mediator to dicuss a new contract.

#5 Simple!! It's time for ppl to stop hiding behind what's going on in the world and acting like racism don't exist in our Community & Schools. We need to start having dialogue about these things in a public forum as well as in the classroom. So if Teachers are uncomfortable discussing these issue with students then this may not be the profession to continue. Morose, to acknowledge these things that's happening and have some compassion & understanding. So if you don't know then educate yourself because if ppl they want to teach about other races religion then why not be able to talk about the achievements and accomplishments and issues revolving around the African American Culture.

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